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Our TTC DC2 (Sazečská) was designed and constructed on the basis of our years of experience with building and operating the TTC DC1 data centre (Tiskařská). Our specialists involved in setting up TTC DC2 are undoubtedly some of the most experienced experts in data centre design, construction and operation. Our service quality is a key factor in our success.

We currently own and operate two data centres within the City of Prague. The first data centre, known as TTC DC1 in Tiskařská, has been in operation and expanded since 2001. The second data centre, TTC DC2 in Sazečská, has been in operation since 1st November 2015. The TTC DC2 data centre is the largest and most modern data centre in Central and Eastern Europe. With its equipment, tight security and unique access to the services it provides, TTC DC2 is raising the standards of commercial data centres. In 2016 we were awarded TIER III certification, thus meeting the demanding conditions stipulated for the most advanced data centres around the world.

TTC TELEPORT was the first and so far the only firm on the European market to offer an operational environment (temperature, humidity) according to the ASHRAE TC 9.9 – 2011 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments standard, which gives our customers ample flexibility in optimising their operational costs. The entire concept of our services is also designed to cater to the needs of all groups of customers.

Approximately 60 % of Czech internet traffic originates at TTC TELEPORT. The TTC data centres monitor and evaluated more than one million operational and security signals per second. These data provide an overall view of the status of the data centre’s technology. Our sophisticated monitoring system is constantly being developed to be capable of reacting to the needs of customers, to new experience and to new advances in data centre operation.

We have built backup (redundant) optical infrastructure between the TTC DC1 and TTC DC2 data centres, which not only serves customers of the TTC data centre, but is also part of the backbone optical lines of major telecommunications operators on the local, European and world markets.

Our creed is based on absolute neutrality and transparency. Our philosophy of neutrality also includes access for telecommunications operators to all TTC TELEPORT data centres. We comply whenever any entity asks to have any data line connected up to a TTC TELEPORT data centre.

To ensure quality and uninterrupted power each of our data centres is powered by two completely independent 2 x 10MW (22kV) power connections. These connections are fed from two independent 110kV switchboards (substations) in Malešice and Měcholupy. TTC DC1 and TTC DC2 are the only data centres in the Czech Republic to have separate HV transformer stations and a dedicated 10MW cable line. No other customer is connected to all 22kV electrical connections and never will be. This above-standard model for connecting electricity is exceptionally rare in European data centres.



    The TTC DC1 covers an area of approx. 2 500 m2. It is a two-storey reinforced concrete building. The customer areas cover 1 600 m2 and are situated in eight data rooms. Offices and storage areas are also situated in the building.


    TTC DC1 is powered by two independent 2x 10MW power connections at a voltage of 22kV. Backup power is provided by a total of four 5.4 MVA diesel generators in the N+1 configuration.


    TTC DC1 has a total of four separate 22kV/400V power substations. Each substation has elements recommended by the Uptime Institute (N+1 configuration).


    Designed in line with the Uptime Institute standard. This means that the data centre redundancy on the source side is at least N+1 and at least N+1 on the distribution side.


    Safety and security are covered by the following systems: EPS (Electronic Fire-Prevention System), SHZ (Fixed Fire Extinguishing Equipment), CCTV (Camera System) and EKV (Access System).



    The TTC DC2 site, which covers an area of approx. 8 000 m2, consists of a two-storey reinforced concrete building housing the data centre and a connected four-storey administrative part. The customer areas cover 4 000 m2 and include a total of 34 customer rooms that can be customised to suit – all operational and technical parts can be modified.


    Power is supplied by two independent 2x 10MW power connections at a voltage of 22kV, which have their own transformer station. The backup comprises a total of nine 14 MVA diesel generators configured as N+1, including central fuel economy, with a volume of 60 000 l of diesel.


    TTC DC2 has nine separate power substations. Each substation has elements recommended by the Uptime Institute (at least N+1 configuration). Customer racks can be powered in either in the TIER III or TIER IV standard.

    All support operating systems are backed up by separate non-IT UPS sources (e.g. cooling, security, MaR, etc.).


    Cooling is designed in accordance with the TIER III standard. This means that the data centre redundancy on the source side is N+1 and N+1 on the distribution side. The central cooling source comprises 8 + 1 coolers for water / glycol connected as a dry cooler and chiller. The cooling media circuits run through double pipes. All the components of the cooling system are redundant and powered from two independent sources of electricity.


    The administrative part of the data centre uses waste heat from customer and technology rooms. This means that no energy is squandered.


    Customer rooms (category RC3 walls as defined by the National Security Authority – NBÚ) are not part of the outer wall of the building; the rooms contain only racks and cooling units. Other technology, such as the SHZ (Fixed Fire Extinguishing Equipment), EPS (Electronic Fire-Prevention System), the Access System, CCTV (Camera System), EZS (Electronic Security System), Monitoring, MaR (Measurement and Regulation), etc., are situated off-limits to customers and visitors to the data centre for security reasons. The security of our customers’ equipment is our main priority.


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